👩‍🍳 MasterChef 2.0

Zaigar Finance is one of the first to utilize this fixes

The MasterChef 1.0 comes from Uniswap & Pancakeswap

And Zaigar Finance is one of the first one in the whole defi space ( not only Binance but also in Ethereum, Polygon, Phantom and so on) implement this next level of MasterChef 2.0.

MasterZai (Zaigar Finance masterchef) can open multiples pool on same token

Before, even Pancackeswap the #1 swap on BSC or Uniswap the #1 swap on Ethereum their masterchef have a bug that if two pools with same token are added the whole rewarding system will become a mesh.

This innovation coming from Thoreum originally innovate the traditional Masterchef by using a mechanism called Cached Balances

Unlike the original MasterChef which uses the balance of tokens in the contract as the lpSupply, our contract uses cached balances which are updated on each deposit, withdraw and emergencyWithdraw.

This mechanism ensure that many pools with the same token can be open if needed without messing up with each other. This is a new feature that innovate the traditional yield farming business.

Another innovation and security measure is the deflationary exploit bug fix

Most of the farms if not all made before July 2021 on the market have the transaction tax bug that make them unable to farm deflationary tokens like Safemoon, otherwise they are exposed to a high risk exploit bug , like we have see on Garuda,Caramel and some other deflationary token farms. Our MasterChef enable it for you all. You will see Safemoon and other Deflationary tokens on our farms with no risk to be exploited!

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