📈Zai Options

Zaigar Binary Options Application

Zai Options is a fun, lucrative and simple decentralized binary options game.

We are using DOGE/USDT market pair with 1 hour round on this early phase, and the round time is programable and can be changed/voted by Zaigar Community in the future.

Look how easy is to take part in Zai Options:

  • Predict if the price of DOGE/USDT will be higher or lower than it was when the “LIVE” phase starts.

  • If you enter a “UP” position, and the DOGEUSDT “Closed Price” is higher than the “Locked Price” at the end of the 1 hour LIVE phase, you WIN! And if it’s lower, you lose.

  • If you enter a “DOWN” position, and the DOGEUSDT “Closed Price” is higher than the “Locked Price” at the end of the 1 hour LIVE phase, you LOSE! If it’s lower, you win.

Earning ZAIF with Zai Options:

On Zai Options losers pay the winners, so if for example 10 players did bet on DOGE UP and 26 players on DOGE DOWN and the price goes UP after 1 hour, the total amount wagered by the 26 players on DOWN will be split among the 10 players that wagered UP.

Learn how to play: How To Play


You can also earn ZAIF by referring new users to Zai Options, if a user joins the app using your referral link, each time they win a round, you will get 2% of his claim amount on-chain transaction.

More info on Referrals: Referrals


There's also a weekly ZAIF Jackpot that grows every day. Players that don't pay referrers will pay 2% to the jackpot, and every week you will have a chance to earn even more ZAIF on a specific round, after the 200480 block(approximately 1 week) has passed, the jackpot amount adds up to the prize pool and is split among the round winners on that round.

More info on Jackpot: Weekly ZAIF Jackpot

Beneficial to Holders:

ZAIF on Zai Option is working with its native fees, meaning on every Zai Options transaction ZAIF's will be burned in 1%, 2% will go to all holders of ZAIF's and 2% to the marketing team for even more adoption. Every ZAIF holder is part of the platform and earns shares together.


Round times may not be 100% accurate, some seconds of delay to end the round can occur and the close price will be the one at the moment of the ending round, it can occur some seconds before or after the clock timer.

Learn how chainlink handles price updates on DOGE/USDT market : Doge-Usdt

Zai Options contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x13fb969fd1108a9e7e8f7a02a3f982ca3ef4d2ce

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