Why Zaigar Finance?

Zaigar Finance is a Project from a experienced and serious team, with more than 3 years in crypto bussinesses.

Zaigar is a cryptocurrency rewards marketing company that has been in the market for over 3 years and has more than 30,000 users around the world, having already provided services to large companies in this new economy. With the aim of always continuing to support the development of the cryptocurrency industry, we are now officially launching our DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform, Zaigar Finance, implemented within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. A simple, fast, and secure platform that allows all members of our community to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies in an extremely easy and uncomplicated way. Furthermore, by adopting well-known strategies in the DeFi universe, it has an economic model capable of generating rewards in crypto assets through Farming and Staking.

Main Features

Fair Launch

Zaigar Finance ZAIF token was pre-sold and airdropped for community members, and ZFAIF airdropped for ZAIF holders, no tokens was set up for Zaigar team members,where they had to take part in the sale like everyone else.

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1 platform 2 tokens

Consistently and in line with our history, Zaigar Finance's goal is to create a long-term structure, allowing the community to participate and contribute to the project's evolution so that everyone can benefit. The platform will feature two different tokens to boost its usage: the ZAIF token, 100% deflationary, designed by its smart contract, and the ZAFIRA (ZFAI), used to reward our platform members

Limited Supply And Low Inflation on ZFAI Token

ZFAI is a limited supply coin, with a total supply of 180 million coins, which 21 million is premined , the initial distribution is as follows : 10 million to airdrop ZAIF holders 1:1 , 10 million liquidity lock for 1 year and 1 million for marketing strategy.

With such a limited supply, users has to mine trough our farms and pools to get new tokens, a total of 159 million coins is available to mine , later on all coins has to be bought on the market.

We choose low inflation for the benefits of a steady and organic growth, instead of a high inflation risk of many coins flooding the market making the price drop.

ZFAI will be used on the main features of Zaigar Finance Platform.

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Scarcity and Automatic Rewards to Holders on ZAIF Token

ZAIF initially thought as the farm token of Zaigar Finance was later revealed as a very scarcity and interesting coin for Zaigar Finance supporters.

When ZAIF is transfered, a 5% tax fee is taxed with each transaction. The distribution of the tax fee is this:

2% is redistributed to existing ZAIF holders > Those who decide to hold their ZAIF are rewarded from those who sell, so this mechanism encourages holders and discourages pump and dump traders. Holders are incentivized to hold their coin because their holding will increase over time.

2% goes to marketing team for project growth & development > Zaigar is a very experienced company in marketing, having using this expertise trough the years for many costumers in crypto bussiness, now the team will be also focusing in Zaigar Finance growth, using this budget and their strategic partnership and connections on the crypto sphere.

1% is automatically burned > Every transfer not To/From Zaigar Masterchef will be taxed with 1% that goes directly to burn address, helping with generating scarcity and stability to ZAIF price.

We have renounced ownership on ZAIF Token making it trustless.

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MasterChef 2.0

We are one of the first Platforms to implement these new fixes and security measures to our MasterChef.

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No Migrator Code

The migrator code in the MasterChef contract has been removed.

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Masterchef is timelocked for important functions.

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Audited on day 1

Zaigar Finance was audited from TechRate, second largest security audition firm on day 1.

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