How To Play

Zai Options is still a beta product. We may update it in the future with new technology and markets/tokens. Team will inform users of any changes that will impact how the product works.

Playing Zai Options lets you test your market knowledge and foresight skills to earn rewards in ZAIF. Predict if DOGE price will go up or down in the next 1 hour. Get it right and you’ll collect a share of the round’s prize pool!

Main page informations

  1. Timer: shows how much time is left in the round.

2. Price : Oracle: Shows current price fetched by oracle.

3. Weekly Jackpot: shows the current jackpot and how many blocks left it will pay.

4. Round Cards: Shows the current round, the past rounds, and the next rounds of Zai Options.

5. Referral: Your Referral address and stats like how many people you referred and totally earned in commissions.

6. Navigation: Navigation to change centered cards and clicking on logo goes to the current round card.

7. Help and History: on "?" symbol you come to this help page, on the history button you can check your past round stats and Total PnL on Zai Options.

1.Checking the timer

To enter a round of Zai Options, you'll want to check how long is left in the current round. You'll find the timer in the top-right area.

If the timer is too low, your bet may not confirm in time, so check if there's still plenty of time left before you make a bet (30 seconds should be plenty, but give yourself more time if you're following along with this guide).

Predicting the next round

When you're sure you have enough time, you can place your prediction for the next round.

1. In the "Next" section you'll see a green Enter UP button and a red Enter DOWN button. Click Enter UP if you want to bet on a rise in price, and click Enter DOWN if you want to bet on a drop in price.

Each will have a different reward multiplier. The multiplier will change over time as the "Prize Pool" increases depending on people's predictions. The Prize Pool is shown just above the buttons.

We'll choose Enter UP for this example.

2. A new window will open. In the window, you'll see "Enable Contract" if this is the first time you are interacting with Zai Options or "Confirm" to commit ZAIF for your prediction. Type the amount of ZAIF you would like to commit to your bet for this round in the field. You can also use the slider or click the percent buttons if you prefer.

3. Once you've decided the amount to commit, click Confirm and confirm your action in your wallet.

4. After your transaction confirms, an "ENTERED" message will appear.

There's nothing left to do now but wait for your Round to go live.

While your entered round is live

A live round will last for 1 hour. You can watch the price update during the 1 hour if you'd like.

You can also check the progress of the round on the progress bar under the Card Header.

You cannot change your position during a live round, however. You are locked into your position from earlier.

Once your entered round finishes

After 1 hour as the live round, your entered round will finish. Everything is automatic, so there's nothing you need to do to end the round.

Seeing the results

1. As the 1-hour finish, the "LIVE" section will change to "Calculating". Calculating the results only takes a moment.

2. After a short wait, the finished round will move left and say "Expired". The result of the round will display either UP colored in green, or DOWN colored in red.

3. If you want to scroll through the results, you can scroll back a few rounds by clicking the left arrow on the Zai Options logo in the center.

A round can be canceled for some reason, in case the oracle doesn't update the price during a round or our automated function doesn't trigger by transaction being stuck on mempool, etc.. On that round in case you have opened a position, you can reclaim your position amount any time, however ZAIF fee of 5% will still be charged, be aware of that risk before entering a Zai Option Round.

Seeing results for older rounds

If you want to see the results for rounds you've entered that are older than a few rounds, you'll need to follow the steps below to find the results.

1. Click on the reversing clock icon next to the round timer.

2. A "History" panel will open. By default, you should see your most recent round at the top of the list. Click anywhere on the round to see more information.

Collecting any winnings

1. If you won your entered round, a Collect Winnings button will appear next to a gold trophy. Click the button.

2. A new window will appear showing the amount of ZAIF you can collect with a Confirm button. Click the button and confirm the action in your wallet.

Your ZAIF winnings will now be in your wallet.

Collecting winnings from older rounds

Sometimes you may be away from Zai Options for a while or may have forgotten to collect winnings from older rounds. You can still collect winnings owed to you from older rounds at any time.

1. Find more information on past rounds you've entered by clicking on the reversing clock icon next to the round timer.

2. A "History" panel will open. You can click "Uncollected" to view all rounds you've not collected the winnings for yet (click on the transaction if you want to see more details). Click the Collect button.

3. A new window will appear showing the amount of ZAIF you can collect with a Confirm button. Click the button and confirm the action in your wallet.

Your ZAIF winnings will now be in your wallet.

Viewing historic profit and loss data

If you'd like to see how you've done overall in Zai Options, you can view PNL (Profit and Loss) data whenever you'd like.

1. On the Zai Options page, click the reversing clock icon next to the round timer. A "History" panel will open.

2. On the history panel, click the PNL tab.

The tab will open with stats for your historic performance in Zai Options, including your net results, average return, best round, and other information.

3. You can click the View Reclaimed & Won button at the bottom of the PNL tab to view those transactions on the BscScan explorer.

That's all there is to using Zai Options. Good luck and have fun!

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