Zaigar Finance


This is some of our Technical and Marketing RoadMap
Roadmap will be updated with new status and new features with time.

Short term roadmap - August - December


  • Add Interesting games like prediction markets and new ideas to the market. Zai Option (Prediction Markets) - Done.
    Generative NFT Collection with on chain stats for Battle Game with wagers in ZAIF - Working in progress
  • Website Portuguese Language Translation
  • Add IFO smart contract - We will be adding Initial Farm Offering to bootstrap our partners and promising crypto projects with initial sale and zaigar market platform.
  • Add DAO Governance - We plan to add Governance using ZAIF Token.
  • Add Vaults - Staking ZFAI and ZAIF tokens to earn premium tokens like BNB,BTCB,and partnership tokens. (Done, but team will still decide which tokens to reward next)
  • New Website Design - Updated Website design, fresh look and performance optimization , added safepal wallet and coin98 wallet connects , trading expert mode and warning/help on how to trade ZAIF and others deflationary tokens when selected.
  • Add Auto Staking for ZFAI Token - For great passive income we will be looking to add a restaking pool for ZFAI.

Marketing and Outreach

  • Buy with credit card and pay with ZFAI - As part of the ZFAI token adoption strategy implemented by the team, in partnership with ZCore Finance, the token will be made available for use on the ZeFi Card, as a virtual credit card. With this, it will be possible to use the ZFAI token in everyday situations, such as shopping and using services such as Uber.
  • ZEFI Vault Listing - Higher APY on our Partner vault pools with ZFAI.
  • CEX Exchange Listing - In order to equally promote the development of both tokens implemented in the platform, it is part of our strategy to seek to make the ZFAI token available in the market once ZAIF token has been made available. To this end, the Zaigar Finance team is already in contact with several exchanges with good daily trading volume (+50M USD) for the inclusion of our tokens.
  • Influencers Marketing Campaign - Our partners and well known influencers will talk about the platform to their followers in main platforms like Youtube,TikTok etc..
*We deserve the right to modify this section without any preannounciation, release dates may eventually slide. Please follow our Twitter and Telegram Channels to stay updated