Earn Estabilished or New emerging tokens

What is Vaults?

Vaults will let you use ZFAI or ZAIF to earn ZFAI or Estabilished tokens/coins like BNB,BTC,ETH and also new emerging tokens from partners. This will help with ZFAI scarcity as more tokens will be locked in the protocol, and will let Zaigar community to discover new projects and earn it.

Stake ZFAI to Earn

Auto ZFAI automatically compounds your rewards: any ZFAI you earn will be harvested and re-invested in the same pool for you.

Manual ZFAI doesn’t automatically compound like Auto ZFAI. You’ll need to harvest and compound your earnings manually.

more about it here

Rewards in other Tokens

Vaults let you stake your ZFAI to earn other tokens. Make sure you check them out when available.

Vaults that gives tokens other than ZFAI will have limited time and rewards, and as they are not giving the same token that is staking (ZFAI) they will not be automatically compounded.

ZfaiVault Contract Address: 0xd45DDf0EBe496b5F1fb6C16E49A45e43b80f90b9

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